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Step outside the boring blog box, and into a bright, refreshing world of food, flavor, depth, and expertise.

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fleishigs magazine

Are you ready to peel back the mystery surrounding food, are you prepared to take a steak knife to every cut, to hold up a magnifying glass to every recipe, to dive in without reservations, and to practice what we preach?

If so, you’ve come to the right place.

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Finally a gorgeous kosher food magazine worth buying. Travel, recipes, trends, tips and tricks that teach me new things every month, and I thought I knew almost everything. And the pictures are just phenomenal. xox.

Chaya Lichtenstein - @chefchaya
Chaya Lichtenstein

Fleishigs magazine is not only filled with beautiful, relevant, educational and mouthwatering content but is also filling a void in the kosher world! We now have a monthly publication with food and travel related content that is up to the highest level of standards and I could not be happier that the kosher world is finally getting there!

Danielle Renov - @peaslovencarrots
Danielle Renov

Fleishigs magazine is nothing short of impressive. It has interesting articles, quality tested recipes, use of new kosher ingredients and exploration of many different cuisines. It’s like Bon Appetit for the Jewish world- you know, from when Bon Appetit used to be good!

Shushy Turin-Shine - @cookinginheelss
Shushy Turin

Congrats to Shifra and Shlomo Klein on the launching of their latest brainchild, Fleishigs! Dear restaurant-obsessed housewives beware, Fleishigs might make a pro home cook out of you!

Levana Kirshenbaum - @levananourishments
Levana Kirshenbaum

It’s not nice to tease, but we can’t help it

We don’t want to spoil you or your appetite. But, here’s a sneak peek at what you could be consuming.

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Fleishigs magazine
is more then a collection
of recipes.


About us

Fleishigs is the newest kosher food magazine to hit the foodie scene, brought to you by Shlomo & Shifra Klein, the team behind Bitayavon & Joy of Kosher magazines.

Feast your eyes

Each month Fleishigs will produce a new issue & feature well researched articles, triple tested recipes, by experts in the field.

Now serving

More then a collection of recipes, Fleishigs will become your handbook for all things meat so you can cook with chef-level confidence.

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